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25% off Mental Health First Aid Training at Brighton Music Conference

Brighton Music Conference (BMC) is a space to network, learn and grow. The UK’s foremost electronic music conference and networking event for professionals and enthusiasts, returns on 22 – 25 April 2020 with mental health awareness once more on the agenda.

2020 will see BMC become one of the first music conferences to offer Mental Health First Aid Awareness Training for those working in the music industry. To highlight our partnership with Brighton Music Conference and World Mental Health Day we are offering a 25% discount on places.

Mental Health First Aid Training is an evidence based global training programme that teaches the skills to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health in others and the confidence to have safe and effective conversations to sign post them to the most appropriate professional support. It also raises your awareness to your own mental health and wellbeing enabling you to better look after yourself.

So what are the main reasons to attend?

1) No one knows the challenges of the music industry better than those in it.

By training alongside people that understand the unique challenges and culture of the music industry with case studies built to reflect your working environments and situations perfectly: the conversations will resonate. Training with individuals that just ‘get it’ is key to creating valuable conversations in the training room that will enhance your learning and understanding of how you can support those contributing to the music industry.

2) You will understand why mental health is as important as physical health and learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health distress.

We all have mental health it is integral to living. Attending mental health awareness training will help you to understand your own mental health and how to spot mental health distress in others. We have found that after attending Mental Health First Aid Training attendees not only support others but go on to make positive changes to their own lives and seek new ways to boost their own mental health. We see this as a win win.

3) You will become part of a growing network within the music industry.

‘Stigma and discrimination prevent people from seeking help: this can delay treatment and impair recovery. It isolates people, excluding them from day-to-day activities and making it hard to build new relationships or sustain current ones. It can stop people getting or keeping jobs.’ (Time to Change). One of our aims at eclectic Toolbox is to create a visible network of music industry members that are at the forefront of mental health awareness and helping to shape an informed and healthier music industry. By attending the training and ‘showing up’ in the industry as someone willing to have ‘that conversation’ you will make a difference and you will be part of the change.

4) You will be able to support a mentally healthy workplace.

After attending training and with the materials given to you, you will be able to support your colleagues and company values around mental health. By joining our live network you will be linked with other training attendees and our partner organisations: Get Ahead, Do Your Om Thing, Inner Flow Zone, I AM SOUND and Tuned Out. Our partners are all advocates of creating a mentally healthy workspace equipped with resources and knowledge to help you take the wellbeing of your workplace to the next level.

5) You will be able to start a supportive conversation about mental ill health and listen non-judgementally guiding someone towards professional support.

We can’t rely on wisdom alone when thinking about mental health and starting important conversations around support. Education is key. Mental health first aid training will give you the confidence to start supportive conversations. We know from research that has been undertaken by Help Musicians UK (2016), MIRA (2018) and Record Union (2019) that mental ill health is a very real issue in our industry which continues to have devastating consequences. These conversations need to happen.

Sign up here and use discount code WMHD19 to claim 25% off any of our individual courses.